Slow Real Estate . Sell Slow, Buy Slow


In a world of ever evolving technology and homes at your fingertips, we take the opposite approach. Slow Real Estate is our manifesto for a better quality home that provides a true sense of family, community and an experience that is more of a relationship than a transaction. Slow Real Estate is about finding a home that delights you in a way that only Architecture can. Builders build houses, Architects build dreams. Slow Real Estate is about finding and building dreams. We are the potluck dinner guest where you are hosting the party and all are invited to hear stories, cherish memories and experience a home that has provided for so many. 

Slow Real Estate is about living in a more thoughtful way. Selling your home only when it is time to pass it on for another family to enjoy. Buying a home that is not too big and not too small so you can enjoy that home for many generations. We are not here to tell you when you should sell or what you should buy. Instead we are here to guide you and be your trusted advisor in making a decision that is economically, financially and socially responsible. 

We believe in quality over quantity and in space over square footage. California provides an environment that allows for an indoor / outdoor living experience. We believe that should be expressed and that your home should be an extension of the community you live in.

Sell Slow and Buy Slow simply means to look at the house or property you are purchasing and imagine yourself growing old there. Visualize how your home will change over the years and over generations. Finding the right home provides a sense of accomplishment, enjoyment and pride that will pay you back in ways that money simply cannot. 

When you Sell Slow question if an upgrade or a renovation would be better. Small design moves can change a space in ways many cannot imagine. As Architects and Real Estate Agents, we help you imagine and decide which approach may be best. Should you decide to sell, let’s make your home be the best it can be and therefore achieve the highest value, whether that be money or the simple satisfaction of a life well lived in a home you will always remember. 

When you Buy Slow, experience everything. Open the windows, close the doors, turn on the faucets, linger in the house for hours and trust your gut. Feel the space and image what it could be if it is not what you want it be now. Sometimes the best homes are the ones that were well built and in need of a little updating before you can call it home. We can help you imagine these possibilities as we are Architects too. 

Block out the noise and impulse decisions that technology brings. Use it as a tool, not a decision maker. Trust your Agent and your Team. If you value honest conversations, quality, craftsmanship and a sense of pride in making and doing, then the value you will be provided by us is priceless. While the market controls the price, we control the narrative. Don’t take your time selling or buying. However, we encourage you to Sell Slow and Buy Slow. 

Slow Real Estate is not a claim to be better, just more thoughtful or as William McDonough said in his book Cradle to Cradle, "less bad".